15 UNDER $50: Desert Chic Living Room Decor

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Move over Boho chic, desert chic (or desert modern) is having a moment!

More refined, than traditional Bohemian design, desert chic or desert modern takes inspiration from several design movements, including modern contemporary, minimalism, and Bohemian. It features a restrained neutral color palette (whites, creams, and beiges), with hints of black and dashes of the desert, while also incorporating just the right amount of organic natural texture. It’s basically a grown-up, minimalist take on modern Bohemian, and quite honestly, we love it!

If you love the desert chic aesthetic as much as we do and have been thinking about incorporating the look into your home, we think you’re going to love today’s round-up, which features 15 stylish desert chic living room decor pieces under $50 each (at time of publishing). We hope you like it!

15 Under $50: Desert Chic Living Room Decor

15 UNDER $50: Desert Chic Living Room Decor - Boho chic is out and desert chic is in! Check out 15 stylish desert chic living room decor pieces under $50, right here! #desertchic #desertmodern #livingroomdecor #modernbohemian

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