Modern Dark Academia Bedroom Decor (+ Key Design Elements)

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Love the modern dark academia aesthetic but not quite sure how to incorporate this moody design style into your bedroom decor at home? You’ve come to the right place! Check out the 4 key design elements that we’ve identified for this style as well as some beautiful modern dark academia decor pieces that we think would work perfectly in the bedroom, below!

Modern Dark Academia Bedroom Key Design Elements

Whilst scouring the internet for the ultimate in modern dark academia bedroom inspiration, we were able to identify 4 common (key) design elements throughout – check them out below;

1. A Dark and Moody Color Palette

As the name suggests, a dark and moody color palette is essential for nailing the modern dark academia aesthetic – think bold blacks and charcoal hues, as well as moody jewel tones like deep teal, turquoise, and navy. For wooden pieces, dark stains like dark walnut, ebony, and jacobean look best. 

Modern Dark Academia Bedroom Inspiration - Image via Farrow and Ball (featuring the paint color 'Railings No. 31')

ABOVE IMAGE: via Farrow and Ball
(featuring the paint color ‘Railings No. 31’)

2. Mix Vintage Finds with Modern Accents

Balance vintage (or vintage-inspired) finds with modern accents for the perfect modern dark academia mix. Think ornate frames/details and classic art styles, paired with modern accent furniture pieces in luxurious fabrics. Don’t forget the brass!

3. Opulent Fabrics and Textures

Opulent fabrics in luxe textures are another must for this design style – think jewel-toned velvet upholstery fabrics, silk, and sateen bedding, as well as thick heavy drapes.

4. Academic Artifacts and Sculptural Elements

Tie the whole look together with a carefully curated selection of academic artifacts (and oddities), sculptural elements, and organic finds – think books, glass candles, Grecian-style busts, apothecary jars, cloches, dried flowers, and globes, again, don’t forget the brass accents!

Modern Dark Academia Bedroom Decor Inspiration

For a selection of modern dark academia-inspired decor pieces that we think would be perfect for the bedroom, check out some of our favorite finds below; 

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