Retro Revival: 14 70s-Inspired Retro Style Sofas on a Budget

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The 1970s was an era that reshaped the world of furniture design, leaving us with iconic styles that still influence modern interiors today. With a bold approach to form, texture, and color, 70s furniture, especially sofas, were more than just seating; they were statement pieces that defined spaces. Today, the allure of retro style sofas endures, blending seamlessly with contemporary decor to create spaces that are both stylish and comfortable.

Today’s post is for those looking to add a little of this retro charm to their living spaces without the hefty designer price tag. We’ll explore affordable ways to incorporate iconic 70s-inspired designs like the Togo, Soriana, Camaleonda, Marenco, and De Sede into your décor, without breaking the bank. Let’s dive in!

Modern Sofas Inspired by Iconic 70s Styles

Modular and Multifunctional

Drawing inspiration from modular masterpieces like the Camaleonda, contemporary sofas offer flexibility and flair. Modular designs allow for customization of shape and size, adapting to various spaces and needs. Seek out modern sofas with individual sections that can be rearranged, featuring tufted details and soft, durable fabrics that nod to the past while looking firmly toward the future.

For example, check out these affordable options;

Above image via Wayfair feat. the Red Barrel Studio 4-Piece Velvet Sectional in Orange Velvet (more colors available)

Above image via Wayfair feat. the East Urban Home Abdul-Hannan Upholstered Sofa

Above image via Wayfair feat. the Everly Quinn Harv 76” Modular Loveseat (more colors available)

The New Low Profile

Echoing the low-to-the-ground aesthetic of pieces like the Togo and Marenco, today’s budget-friendly options embrace a grounded look. These sofas often combine deep, plush seating with minimal, understated frames, inviting users to lounge and relax. The key to this style is finding pieces that balance comfort with a sleek, low profile, embodying the relaxed yet chic spirit of the 70s. 

Take these compartively affordable options, for example;

Above image via Urban Outfitters feat. the Greta XL Sleeper Sofa in Orange
(more colors available)

Above image via Wayfair feat. the Trule Armless 3-Seat Togo 3-Seater Large Bean Bag Sofa (more colors available)

Above image via Eternity Modern feat. the Marenco 2-Seater Sofa in Performance Felt Saffron
(more colors available)

Above image via Wayfair feat. the Trule Armless Bean Bag Chair & Lounger in Light Gray (more colors available)

Above image via The Home Depot feat. the Magic Home Comfy Floor Level Minimalism 4-Seat Sofa in Orange
(more colors available)

Above image via Wayfair feat. the Viv + Rae Mccullen Microfiber/Microsuede Bean Bag Sofa (more colors available)

Above image via Wayfair feat. the Wrought Studio Arnya Minimore Modern Style Sofa in Dark Rust
(more colors available)

Inspired by Classic Curves

The original designs of the 70s, such as the Soriana and De Sede, showcased an unprecedented use of curves, embracing a more organic, welcoming form. 

Modern interpretations take this inspiration and run with it, offering sofas with gentle curves and plush, inviting silhouettes. Look for pieces that feature soft, tufted upholstery and are low to the ground to capture the essence of this style. 

These sofas work perfectly in spaces that aim for a cozy, yet sophisticated vibe. Like these options for example;

Above image via Wayfair feat. the Latitude Run Hetzel Curved Sofa in Orange (also available in white)

Above image via Eternity Modern feat. the Soriana 2-Seater Sofa in Mustard Yellow (more colors available)

Above image via Castlery feat. the Marlow Performance Bouclé Curve Sofa

Above image via Wayfair feat. the Wade Logan Akvile 3-Piece Velvet Sectional in Cognac Velvet (more colors available)

Styling Retro Style Sofas

To truly embrace the 70s vibe, complement your sofa with accessories that echo the era. Think shag rugs, macrame wall hangings, and bold, geometric prints. However, the trick is to balance vintage charm with modern sensibility. Also consider pairing your retro-inspired sofa with contemporary pieces to keep your space feeling fresh and current. Lighting plays a crucial role too; opt for lamps with warm tones and organic shapes to complete the look.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating a 70s-inspired sofa into your living room design doesn’t have to mean scouring auctions for expensive vintage pieces. Fortunately, many modern, budget-friendly alternatives are available, offering the perfect blend of comfort, style, and nostalgia. 

By focusing on key elements like tufting, curves, and a low-to-the-ground profile, you can create a living space that pays homage to the iconic designs of the 70s while keeping your budget intact.

For more 70s-inspired retro sofa designs and styling inspiration, be sure to check out our dedicated Pinterest board and related reads below;

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